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PLUTUSVC understands the need for a safe, secured, and trustworthy crypto lending partner, especially after serial insolvency issues happened among different Defi and lending platforms.

PLUTUSVC provides collateralized crypto institutional loan from $1M to $20M+

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About us

PLUTUSVC was founded in 2016 and has witnessed the rise of Bitcoin and ALT coin in 2017 and the development of Defi, NFT and Gamefi since 2019. We are a team that truly believes in Bitcoin and the entire blockchain and crypto space that it can drive new global economic change.

Investment Size

PLUTUSVC invests in early and pre-IDO phases for tokens and/ or Equity. We can invest up to US$ 5 million in any projects for equity and with an average size of $500,000.00 for tokens. PLUTUSVC is an active fund with a minimum of 3 projects investment each month.

Value Add

PLUTUSVC provides much more than just funding! At PLUTUSVC we will connect you to the crypto eco-system and communities globally, provide necessary advice on tokenomics, utility designs, growth strategies and more. Achieving long last scalable goals are of our core focuses.

Our Mission

PLUTUSVC is a 100% dedicated and focused fund that invests only into the blockchain ecosystem.Our mission is to help blockchain and crypto Companies to accelerate their vision in building tomorrow’s unicorns.

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Tokens, Equity and Project Loans.
We are open to both tokens and equity investment.

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Our Team

David Barrantes

Venture Partner

David has very strong experience in VC investments in blockchain, early stage tech companies and luxury real estate properties. With his strong connections and network in the industries, he has successfully developed several projects across the US to Asia markets.

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Calvin Ng

General Partner

Serial entrepreneur, Calvin helped take World of Warcraft to China and managed several global top games such as Habbo Hotel, Counter-Strike, Red Alert and MIR2. In 2013 Calvin started angel investing into the Chinese internet and mobile internet space. His IPO portfolio included - TianGe, Hollywood Games, Retech and he was part of THE9 and Citic 1616 IPO. In 2016 PLUTUSVC started investing into the blockchain and Cryptocurrency space.

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Mark Friedler

Venture Partner

Serial entrepreneur with strong background in games, digital assets, SaaS and enterprise services. With his extensive experiences, Mark has successfully founded several companies and consultancy like Gigex.Inc. He is also one of advisors on several crypto and NFT projects such as Harmony Protocol, XTrade and Vertex Market.

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Jack Lee

Investment Team

He has been venture-building for a FinTech conglomerate backed by a Private Equity group. He was guest professor at HK Financial Services Institute (HKFSI) for FinTech Board-level training. He was speaker 2020 17th Annual M&A Summit. He is currently mentor and speaker at ABGA (Asia Blockchain Gaming Association). He graduated with Master in Finance at Macquarie Graduate School of Management. He is currently a Finance Ph.D Candidate at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

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Ben Cheung

Investment Team

Ben is a financial analyst by training with previous experiences serving in Financial Service Assurance PwC HK. 

Ben specialises in tokenomics  and token utility analysis and is responsible for enhancing relevant properties of PLUTUS’ investment portfolio companies.

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Contact us

We’re happy to answer any questions you have or provide you with an estimate. Just send us a message in the form below with any questions you may have. 

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